INFOYER I German Visa and Laws - Blue Card

Who is eligible for a Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card permit has been incorporated with German Residence Act as per European instructions on highly qualified employees. The aim of Blue Card is to introduce single residence permit for skilled work force at EU level to facilitate and promote the immigration of skilled workers in EU. The EU Blue Card for Germany is a legal document which permits a NON EU citizen to stay and work in an EU-Member State. The most important paragraph is section 19a of the German Residence Act - EU Blue Card.

Please Note
The application for an EU Blue Card has to be filed within one month after your arrival in Germany.

Blue Card: Who is not eligible for German Blue Card?

  • You are not able to get a German Blue Card if you have applied for or have got a residence permit in Germany or another EU member state for reasons of international law or because of humanitarian or political considerations, except you have got a residence permit or permanent residence permit due to admission by the Federal Republic of Germany or another EU-Member state according to § 23 para. 2 Residence Act (AufenthG).
  • If you have applied for Asylum or subsidiary protection.
  • Declaration of prohibition of deportation according to the European Convention on Human Rights or declaration of impediment to deportation referring to the country of destination or being granted temporary suspension of deportation due to actual or legal impossibility of deportation. 
  • Entitled for temporary suspension of exile. 
  • Subject to a special arrangement for entry resulting from international agreements on trade and investment-related activities. 
  • Worker who is send to Germany as in the scope of service.

Please Note
The final decision on being granted an EU Blue Card is made by the responsible municipal or district immigration office.

Blue Card: Some necessary documents

  • Complete application form.
  • Valid passport (original and a copy). 
  • Current biometric passport photograph. (You can find samples and information at the Federal Printing Office at Link Printing Office, if necessary.
  • Valid entry visa for occupation. 
  • Proof of successful completion of studies at a German university or college (original and a copy) or recognition or equivalence of a foreign university or college degree (original and a copy). 
  • Proof of a specific job-offer or employment contract stating salary (original and a copy), in case of regulated professions an occupational license (e. g.) if necessary. 
  • Licensure or occupational permit) (original and a copy) if necessary. 
  • Completed job description form of the Federal Employment Office 
  • Proof of health insurance (original and a copy).

Blue Card: Benefits of Blue Card

EU blue card holder can apply for permanent resident ship If they have German language knowledge at level B1 then they can apply earlier after 21 months (19a, passage 6, law of residence) and have been in highly qualified employment for 33 months and also full fill other general conditions. Blue Card holders may stay outside the EU for up to 12 months without the residence permit becoming invalid. Owners of the EU Blue Card have the right, after having stayed in Germany for 18 months, to move to another country of the EU. If you are already stayed in another EU-Member state with the EU Blue Card, this will be considered concerning the permanent right of residence in Germany. Your Family members may accompany the Blue Card holder and will receive residence permits in Germany as well. The spouse is not required to have proof of German language knowledge. Even simple knowledge of the German language is not necessary for marriage partners.

Blue Card: German Citizenship

Eligibility for German Citizenship
  • Permanent Residency (it is normally granted)
    • After 5 years of stay in Germany or
    • After 33 months of stay for Blue card holders with German A1 level certificate or
    • After 21 months of stay for Blue card holders with German B1 level certificate.
  • Eight years of ordinary and lawful residence in Germany
    • Additional info can be found under: Link Claim Naturalization
    • Assurance of livelihood
    • Successful completion of citizenship test for knowledge of the legal and social order and living conditions in Germany
    • Sufficient knowledge of German language
    • No case of criminal prosecution
    • Declaration of loyalty 
    • Surrender of Indian passport to the German authorities or to Indian consulate depending on which state you live in Germany.
Required Documents
  • Complete application form (Link Application for Naturalization)
  • Biometric photo
  • Copy of the Indian passport
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate if applicable
  • Certificate of successful completion of German language test
  • Last 3 months pay slips
  • Employer certificate confirming the permanent employment
  • Rental contract
  • Proof of payment of social security 
  • Confirmation of tax filing of last 3 years
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Confirmation of receipt of Kindergeld
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