INFOYER I State Benefit - Parental Leave in Germany

Parental leave gives parents the opportunity to care for your child and to secure your work. You are entitled to get parental leave for a period of three years. During this period, you do not have to work – your working place remains and may not be terminated by the employer. After the end oft he parental leave, you are entitled to return of your former workplace.
Each parent is entitled to get parental leave. Mothers and fathers have the opportunity to apply the parental leave alone or together.


  • Both parents can simultaneously take up to 3 years' parental leave
  • Each parent can divide his parental leave in two periods
  • For mothers parental leave begins after the end of maternity leave (8 weeks after the due date)
  • The employer can´t reject an application for parental leave
  • Parents could leave their employment until the completion of the third year of the child
  • For getting parental leave, you have to write your employer about your leave before your baby´s expected due date

Parental Leave: Letter form for apply parental leave

  1. Type of leave
  2. Date of beginning parental leave
  3. Period of time you will be leave