INFOYER I Parental Allowance (Elterngeld) in Germany

The parental allowance is a benefit from the state for families to assist in securing their livelihood. The parental allowance is dependent on the net income, is limited based for parents and temporally. Parental allowance get parents who are not or not fully employed to care their child or interrupt their careers to care their child.

The parental allowance is generally limited immediately after the child due date till twelve months after due date. Two more months can be applied when your partner would also take parental leave. Single parents who hold sole custody or at least sole residence determination, are entitled to fourteen months of parental allowance.
The amount of parental benefit is based on the net income of the parent who files the application for parental benefits. Non-employed persons receive parental benefits on a minimum amount of 300 €.

Parental Allowance: Requirements

Parental allowance get parents or a parent, who

  • have a residence or habitual residence in Germany,
  • are living together with their child in a household,
  • caring and educated their child
  • are no or no full-employment (max. 30 hours per week)

Under certain conditions, other persons may be entitled to get parental allowance, for example grandparents.

Parental Allowance: Level of parental allowance

The parental allowance amount to 67% of the net income of the applicant and is paid on average for 12 months. The maximum amount is 1800,00 € per month, the minimum amount is 300,00 € per month.

Net-Income between 1000,00 € - 1200,00 €
  • 67 % of income
Net-Income under 1000,00 €
(The lower the income, the higher the parental allowance)
  • 100 % of income
Net-Income from 1200,00 €
  • 65 % of income

Parental Allowance: Application for parental allowance

Expectant parents must submit a written request, to receive parental allowance. To know which parental allowance office is responsible in your state, please have a look on following link from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Seniors, Women and Youth. The website is in German. You have to select your Federal State (where you live) and than you will be able to see the relevant contact details.


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